CUSBot voice enabled virtual waiter

The digital era has made information technology to penetrate through industries that has never been known for space to explore but now it has become an reality with apptomate innovative entry of solutions putting its hand over vast and diversified industries reaching client needs with products and better service solution creating defined boundaries with undefined user experience

This voice enabled chatbot was engineered for a multi store restaurant in UK. Minimizing the crowd inside the restaurant and to give a pleasant feel for their customers where the key focus to address.

CUSbot is a web-based order taking system where the virtual waiter Maddy will be there to take up the order. Each bot in all the table had a unique virtual waiter name and Id tagged for reference in the kitchen. The customer will have a kiosk in the table where they can either talk or chat with Maddy to place the order. There is a built-in trained model where various Reinforcement were also processed so that the bot will get trained with real-time datasets.

Customer can also avail voice enabled feature to actually talk to Maddy where it will respond to like we have the interaction with the humans itself. Brining in human intelligence were to be addressed since these use cases has to address the unstable human mind too. To achieve

this there were several libraries used like NLP, natural language processing, google dialog
flow, Amazon Lex to design the model. The bot will be completely interactive which can
answer in such way that the customer will feel like talking to humans they can order food and anytime they want the order can be cancelled so that the bot have got such an intelligent to handle that. The bot is not like a regular chatbot where regular generic dataset will be providing the answers to questions. The human intelligence was trained to process the
interactions by categorising the customer and providing the assistance. Different speaker
assent reorganization data set were trained to the model to increase the accuracy of the bots human intelligence.

Key goals attained

1.Virtual waiter Maddy increased the restaurant overall savings in means of human
2. Instant order taking from customer.
3. Increasing the customer relationship and maintaining the smooth flow.
4. Maintained traffic and table allotment.
5. Smooth end to end flow between the restaurant and the customer.