Apptomate serves Banking, Capital Market, Insurance, Education, Transportation & Logistics, Health Care, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunication, Media & Entertainment verticals

The digital era has made information technology to penetrate through industries that has never been known for space to explore but now it has become a reality with Apptomate's innovative solutions to satisfy the needs of clients across diversified industries by offering high quality products and better services to create defined boundaries with undefined user experience.


The global financial aid and source to business and business to customers alienating legacy methodologies giving birth to digitalization, thus creating space for new theory of disruptive innovation. The techno innovations making banking systems complex and obsolete but ingesting it create whole new world of opportunities which makes competitive free environment and ubiquitous brand around the globe.

Capital Market

Exploring opportunities through capital inputs making it a vital part creating an hidden risks and ever changing financial terrain making it one of the most vulnerable markets need an alienating and idiosyncratic moves to show ubiquitous presence for sustainability. Apptómate has revolutionized digital space for taking up bold moves in unfortified investing markets with its most simple yet niche analytical tools,


Apptomate digital plays a key role in transformation of digital solutions for various Insurance organisations providing the solutions in Machine Learning, ETL process (Extract Transform and Load), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Server side development and other emerging technologies. Our engagement with various Insurers focuses on business function, modernising legacy systems industry best practice across the insurance life cycle with a complete integrated end to end solution.


The historical yet followed by modern students in the present world is carrying tons of books to classes are being changing with intervention of digitalization creating global demand for notepads, online eBooks which is stupendous effort in education making it an virtual entity. Education providers are embracing digital technology embarking in their journey of transformation providing niche services for their prospective students helping to ingest knowledge in the way most possible.

Transportation & Logistics

The world has become transparent with globalization which results in revolutionizing transportation and logistics connecting every part of land in the globe, thus emphasizing the importance of idiosyncratic approach towards dealing or trouble shooting with the vast and one among the largest industry. With the advent of digitalization and information technology in modern world the industries are boon with solutions creating a risk free profitable environment destructing disruptive methods which are archaic to the industry.

Health Care

Apptomate’s visionary is to integrate health science with financial structure creating much easier way to accept digitization in to the industry. Technology growth created complexity in sophisticated instruments and their financial statements making health care more expensive with adding days. We create solutions for the health care industry bombarded with digital space right from the scratch to closing the clients report minimizing the workforce.


The insurance industry has witnessed huge transformation by invasion of digitization. The tri-linkage comprises of insurer-financial support-policyholder are disrupted with the invent of technology and financial policies over decades making it complex and ever increasing competition pushing it to the edge of need for simplification.


Omni Channel is a strategic idea created for customers to experience services in both Physical and Virtual medium empowering to compare the best ministrations from the company. The Omni Channel helps customers to look at the bigger picture of shopping not just as typical consumers but makes them research scientists in analyzing their own consumable products comparing with the global competitors for better price, service and time.


Hybrid Frameworks are combination of Data and Keyword driven framework. It accelerated its popularity momentum as it provides very fast way of framing automation and requires less user programming experience to automate a website. ization and information technology in modern world the industries are boon with solutions creating a risk free profitable environment destructing disruptive methods which are archaic to the industry.

Media And Entertainment

The digital world has unleashed possibilities in media and entertainment industry defining new limits for downloads and streaming e-books and movies on mobile devices making it a digital time creating space for media and entertainment companies to explore IT strategies in harvesting the digital energy ever known for eternal revenue generation.

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